Mull's Nature Blogs

Sunset-Loch-Tuath-Nov-JS.jpgLoch Tuath in mid-winter. Photo: John Sawyer.

There are a number of people observing and recording wildlife on Mull and writing about their observations. The following are nature blogs written about the Isle of Mull.

Note that the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 describes the law relating to engaging with wildlife in the UK. In particular the Act makes it an offence (with exception to Schedule 2 species) to intentionally kill, injure, or take any wild bird, take, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while that nest is in use or being built or take or destroy an egg of any wild bird. There are other offences relating to collection of scheduled wild plants, to kill, injure or take any scheduled wild animal species and a general ‘no-release’ approach for invasive non-natove species. Please enjoy Mull's wildlife without disturbing or damaging the plants, animals or habitats.

Glengorm Wildlife Project

This blog highlights the great work happening at Glengorm Estate and includes wildlife observations and information. Based at Glengorm, outside Tobermory.

Treshnish Wildlife Diary

This diary is a great summary of wildlife observations from May 2007 till now. Great images and information about wildlife, especially that found in the NW of Mull at Treshnish. Based at Treshnish.

Wild About Mull

This blog is from Wild About Mull wildlife tours and provides an insight into what has been seen on the tours and also anything that has caught their interest. Great photos and information about many species. Based in Pennygael.

Mull Birds

This website is for birdwatchers and for those with an interest in the bird life of the Isle of Mull and the surrounding islands of Argyll.

Simply Mull

This website showcases the flora, fauna and intricate number of varying habitats that make Mull so special.

Arthur's Blog Page

This is the blog of Discover Mull Wildlife Tours and provides regular updates about what has been seen recently. Based in Dervaig.

Treshnish & Haunn Cottages

This blog describes observations by the team at the Treshnish Estate of wildlofe and their environmemntally friendly and award winning farming activities. Base at Treshnish.


This blog includes regular stories about wildlife of the Isle of Mull as well as from around Scotland. 

More blogs from the UK and Ireland

For more information about natural history bloggers across the UK and Ireland go to the following website: 

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