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Ragged-robin-JS-News.jpgFlowering ragged robin (Silene flos-cuculi). Photo: John Sawyer.

Welcome to Wild Mull's species recording system. Observation data captured on the distribution of species on Mull will improve our knowledge of the status of native and naturalised species. This information will help with conservation (to protect habitat of species), education (to raise awareness of species) and research (to undertake investigations about the ecology of species).

All observations added to this system will be provided to the National Biodiversity Network's national Gateway - which has been established to provide universal access to all data about wildlife in the United Kingdom.

Please register as a member of Wild Mull (this is free - see top right of the webpage) and log your observations for any species using the "Record an observation" in the resource box on the right side of a species page.

You can then view results from around the island by clicking on "View Observations" on species pages. Note that some species are sensitive and at risk of collection and for that reason data you submit for these species will not be visible on the site.

Instructions for recorders are also provided here:

This page last updated on 31 Jul 2014