Land mammals

Highland-cow-JS-Feb-14-20-News.jpgHighland cow beside Loch na Keal. Photo: John Sawyer.

The mammals of Mull are a diverse bunch. The headline grabbers are the playful otters and the majestic red deer but there is much more to see as you explore the island. The Hebrides are full of surprises and there is little else more surprising than coming face to beard with a feral goat, herds of which may be found along the southern coast of the island. Those intending to go otter spotting may encounter a different species entirely: the American mink, an escapee from fur farms in Britain since the 1930s.

The pages below will give you more information about the amazing mammals of Mull.

  • Semi-aquatic mammals
  • Ungulates
  • Rodents
  • Insectivores
  • Lagomorphs: Rabbits and hares

Scottish Natural Heritage. 2013. Hebridean mink project. 


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