Vascular plants

Wood-anemone-JS-News.jpgAnemone nemorosa - wood anemone. Photo: John Sawyer.

The vascular plants of Mull have been studied for over 150 years. Botanists such as Keddie (in 1850), Ross (in the 1880s) and more recently Jeremy & Crabbe (in their 1978 flora of Mull).  

Between 1995 and the present day, Lynne Farrell, of the Botanical Society of the British Isles, has undertaken detailed surveys of the entire island in order to update the 1978 flora and to document the diverse vascular plant life of Mull. To read more about this remarkable piece of work click here

As a result of all this field work we now know there to be 856 vascular plant taxa on Mull of which 685 are thought to be native to the island. The remaining 171 are thought to have naturalised on the island as a result of escaping from cultivation.

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A bibligraphy of publications about plants on Mull can be found here:



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