Flora survey by Lynne Farrell and the BSBI

Lynne-on-Maisgeir-small.jpgLynne Farrell on Maisgeir at the end of a 19 year botanical survey of The Isle of Mull.

For over 20 years Lynne Farrell (pictured to the right), with assistance from members of the Botanical Society of the British Isles, has undertaken one of the most detailed plant surveys every undertaken for any of Britain's offshore islands.

Lynne work has catalogued the plant life of Mull in order to update the 1978 flora published by Jermy and Crabbe. The end product, to be published in years to come, will be a detailed flora for the island and will provide a complete picture of the island's plant life.

This work by Lynne has also resulted in additional publications such as Wildflower Walks on Mull: A pocket guide (2014) which is available from book shops in Tobermory.

This page last updated on 15 Jul 2014