Fungi of the Isle of Mull

Hazel-gloves-fungus-JS-News-01.jpgHypocreopsis rhododendriHazel gloves fungi. Photo: John Sawyer.

"When one speaks of the Inner Hebridean fungi one is referring to the floras of Mull (1,744 spp.) and Rhum (905 spp.)" so stated Dennis and Watling in their paper of 1983 about the fungi of the Inner Hebrides. 

Every day you spend on the Isle of Mull you will almost certainly see fungi. In their survey published in 1978 Henderson and Watling recorded 1787 different species of fungi on Mull! Then in 1985 Watling published an updated list with 300+ more species. 

That does not mean you will be able to find information about the species you see on the island. Most have never been knowingly seen by more than a few people. They occur on almost every conceivable substrate from tree trunks to farm gates.

Further reading

Fungi in the Outer Hebrides - a website with valuable information about fungi in the outer hebrides. They began to have a serious look at fungi in the autumn of 2010 and have so far photographed and identified over 280 species.

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