Flora publications

The following books, scientific papers and reports provide detailed insights into Mull's flora. There is one that is regarded as the definitive account. That is the detailed flora published in 1978:

Jermy, A.C and Crabbe, J.A. (Ed.) 1978. The Island of Mull: A survey of its Flora and Environment. London. British Museum (Natural History).

There are not many copies around of this book so if you cannot track it down then the following books may help you.

Useful field guides to Mull's Plants

Wildflower Walks on Mull: A pocket guide (2014) by Lynne Farrell. Available from book shops in Tobermory.

Ecosystems and habitats

Coppins, S and Coppins, B. 2012. Atlantic Hazel: Scotland's Special Woodlands. Published in 2012 - Buy from NHBS 

Vascular plants

Averis, A. B. G. & Averis, A. M. (1995a). The vegetation of south and east Mull. Scottish Natural Heritage report SS/F2B/496. 

Averis, A. B. G. & Averis, A. M. (1995b). The vegetation of north Mull. Scottish Natural Heritage report 5/F2B/650.

Averis, A. M. & Averis, A. B. G. (1996a). The vegetation of the Ardmeanach coast, Mull, Scotland. Scottish Natural Heritage contract report RASD/068/96 N2K.

Keddie, W. 1850. Staffa & Iona Described: With Notices of the Principal Objects on the Route from Port Crinan to Oban and in the Sound of Mull. Blackie & Son.

Macculloch, J. 1819. A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland. London.

Ross, G. 1877. Isle of Mull, Mid Ebudes. Rep. Bot. Loc. Rec. Club for 1876: 188-192.

Ross, G. 1878. On the flora of Mull. Trans. Proc. bot. Soc. Edinb., 13: 234-242.

Turner, N. & Finlay, A. 1967. The Isle of Mull. Glasgow.

Wilmott, A. J. 1913. The Flora of the Island of Iona (Argyllshire). Manuscript in the British Museum (Nat. Hist.) Library.

Wilmott, A. J. 1942. v.c. 103. The Island of Mull, in Report on Excursions arranged in 1939. Rep. botl Soc. Exch. Club Br. IsI., 12: 236-249. 


James, P.W. 1978. Lichens. In: Jermy A.C., Crabbe J.A., eds. The Island of Mull: a Survey of its Flora and Environment. London: British Museum (Natural History). 


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