Fungi publications

The following books provide detailed insights into the fungal flora of the Isle of Mull.

  • Dennis, R.W.G. 1986. Fungi of the Hebrides. Kew Publishing.
  • Henderson DM, Watling R. 1978. The Fungi of Mull. In: Jermy AC, Crabbe JA, eds. The Island of Mull: a Survey of its Flora and Environment. London: British Museum (Natural History). 
  • Watling, R. 1985. The Fungal Flora of Mull. ISBN 0 9504270 3 9, softback, 32pp, 50p plus 40p p+p (UK). A commentary on the fungal flora of the island of Mull, with particular emphasis on the macrofungi, introduces a systematically arranged list of additions to the fungal flora originally published in The Island of Mull by the British Museum in 1978.

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