Lobaria pulmonaria


Lobaria pulmonaria L. (Hoffm.) (1796)



Species Category

Flora - Non-vascular: Lichen - Native

Research on Lobaria pulmonaria

Research published in 2014 (Eaton and Ellis 2014) showed that Lobaria pulmonaria acheves some of the highest growth rates and shortest generation times observed globally, with reproductive maturity achieved within approximately 5–10 years. This research explains the rapid colonisation of the lichen onto very young hazel stems and emphasises the viability of large populations of L. pulmonaria in western Scotland.

References and further reading

Eaton, S. and Ellis, C. 2014. High demographic rates of the model epiphyte Lobaria pulmonaria in an oceanic hazelwood (western Scotland). Fungal Ecology, Volume 11, October 2014, Pages 60–70

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