Hypocreopsis rhododendri


Hypocreopsis rhododendri Thaxt. (1922)



Brief Description

An ascomycete fungus, commonly known as hazel gloves due to the resemblance of its orange-brown, radiating lobes to rubber gloves, and because it is found on hazel (Corylus avellana) stems.

Species Category

Fungi - Native


This is a species of Atlantic hazel woodland that inhabits dead attached stems and branches of Corylus avellana and possibly parasitises the commonly occurring wood decomposing fungus Hymenochaete corrugata (Glue Fungus).

Conservation of hazel gloves fungus

The Atlantic Hazel Action Group has focussed attention of hazel gloves fungus over the past 5 years. For more information see their webpage devoted to the species:

Hazel gloves fungus - AHAG

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